The limitations of the network disk and the cloud disk

However, cloud disk and network disk are difficult to avoid the contradiction between user storage content review and privacy. Nowadays, the management of cyberspace is becoming more and more strict. This time, the spoofing, pornography and violence are flooding the network disk. The complexity of the content of the network disk is questioned. It also touches the bottom line of relevant national laws and regulations, and also reflects the network. The contradiction between the inevitable purification of content and the privacy of personal privacy has become the crux of the long-term operation of the network disk and even the cloud disk. An urgent problem to be solved in front of service providers is: how to review whether users store their own cyberspace content is sensitive content? From the users standpoint, how to ensure the privacy of users while reviewing? If the users privacy cannot be guaranteed Privacy, who will save their data content, where does customer resources come from?