The difference between the network disk and the cloud disk

We have to figure out that the network disk and the cloud disk are not a disk. The product features are obviously different. The network disk has the basic storage function, which is to upload the resources to the network disk server for storing data. The cloud disk is attached with the upper layer application function. In addition to the function of the network disk, it pays more attention to the synchronization and sharing of resources, and the use of cross-platform, such as the synchronization of computers and mobile phones, etc., the functions are more powerful and convenient, and the storage space is not Limited to a single file size, security is also guaranteed. With the increasingly fierce competition in the network disk market and the continuous development of storage technology, the traditional network disk technology has become inadequate. The bottlenecks such as slow transmission speed, low redundancy backup and recovery capability, poor security, and high operating cost have been plagued by network disk enterprises.