A breakthrough to cater to the era of big data and cloud computing.

The most important reason for the semiconductor industry to choose storage chips as a breakthrough is to cater to the era of big data and cloud computing. According to the research report of Nomura Securities, the data on the network in the world is now 8ZG 1ZB = 270bit, and 15% of the 1.2ZB is stored in the memory chip, 90% is stored by the hard disk HDD, and 10% is stored in In a flash like NAND. By 2020, humans will accumulate 44ZB of data in virtual space, and in order to cloud computing these data, the data stored in flash memory will reach 15ZB. This data is based on the current NAND price. If technologies like 3D NAND Flash can increase storage capacity and lower prices, the proportion of flash memory in 2020 will be 50%-70%, which is 22- Around 30ZB, according to this calculation, the super factory with a monthly output of 100,000 pieces needs 234, but now there are only 15 in the world. In the next 4-5 years, the world needs 219 super factories, Big Data and Cloud. The computing era will bring geometric growth demand to flash memory represented by 3D NAND Flash.