The impact of cloud storage

The emergence of cloud storage has led to a burst of price hikes by international and domestic companies. Personal cloud storage free warfare has become a thing of the past. Google, Microsoft, and Amazon have long realized huge free space to attract early cloud storage customers. The field of cloud lags behind foreign countries, and is still closely following it, adding price cuts and free fights. Baidu Cloud, Tencent Cloud, and Alibaba Cloud have successively launched battles to launch free cloud storage. Netizens have already enjoyed the convenience of free cloud on the Internet.
After the personal cloud is free, free cloud storage for enterprise users is also being no limit. Before the free, it was a price war. As early as 2014, Google took the lead in opening the cloud storage price war, Amazon and Microsoft have entered the battle. At the same time, domestic cloud storage service providers headed by Alibaba Cloud also launched price reduction promotions. Earlier this year, Alibaba Cloud announced that it would cut the price of cloud storage services by 15%. Not long ago, domestic cloud service provider UPYUN even opened storage services for enterprise users free of charge, and enterprise cloud storage officially entered the zero era.