The introduction of the network hard disk

Network disk, also known as network U disk, network hard disk, is an online storage service launched by Internet companies to provide users with file storage, access, backup, sharing and other file management functions. In the early days, with its advantages of large capacity, convenience, and no loss of damage, it quickly became the scent of Internet companies competing for chasing, but with the increasingly fierce market competition, the complexity of network disk content and the integration of cloud technology, the traditional network disk will Gradually replaced by cloud storage. When old things are withdrawn from the stage of the times, new things will inevitably emerge to replace and replace them. The emergence of the cloud determines the future direction of Internet computing. As a key storage technology, cloud storage will also replace the network disk with the resolution of key issues. The exit of the network disk, from the perspective of market competition, has expanded the market capacity and reduced competition, providing favorable conditions for the cloud disk to quickly enter the market and the accumulation of users.