The main problems facing security monitoring storage

The main problems facing security monitoring storage are: the completeness and accuracy of data records in the storage process and the security of post-storage. The former requires the hard disk to perform stable data recording on the monitored image, and the video image needs to be frame-free, ensuring that a continuous and clear image can be seen as qualified. In the monitoring system, there are special requirements for the hard disk readwrite function, which requires not only 7 24 hours of operation, but also different requirements for reading data and writing data under the monitoring environment, and special optimization of the monitoring hard disk. When the security monitoring system is in working state, the video stream is greatly increased due to changes in light, people flow, traffic flow, etc. in the monitoring scene, and the performance of the ready-by-stand video reading and writing system optimized and upgraded by Seagate SV7 is aimed at these actual situations. Optimized for faster data transfer read and write speeds, faster IOPS throughput, and more timely response, ensuring data read and write without dropping frames. On the other hand, when the monitoring hard disk is in the sleep mode to reduce the power consumption, if the event needs to be responded to in time based on the event such as motion detection or alarm, the ready standby performance can quickly wake up the SV7 hard disk into the working state in the shortest time, ensuring that the operation is ensured. Video recording does not drop frames.