The companies that want to enhance development of hard drives

According to current reports, there are four companies that want to make storage, namely Changjiang storage, investing 24 billion US dollars, 100,000 pieces in the first phase, the goal is to develop 3D NAND flash memory; the other is Jinhua, with an investment of about 6 billion US dollars. Doing niche DRAM, the technology comes from Taiwan Unicom UMC; another one is Zhiju, investing 8 billion US dollars, has started construction in June 2016, plans to enter the equipment installation stage around the end of this year; the last one is purple light, The investment is 30 billion US dollars, and the specific plan has not been announced.
With the rise of these core forces, the storage industry spring is expected to accelerate. Therefore, the development of the semiconductor industry will certainly enter the ranks of global memory. As for how much the future can do, it depends on its own efforts and opportunities, but it must make breakthroughs in research and development, or it can grasp its unique rules in the operation of the storage production line.