Three aspects of memory that are gathering

Currently, there are three aspects of memory that are gathering. One is the government-led new core. They are cooperating with Microelectronics. It is said to have 9 layers of 3DNAND samples. The other is Violet. Its strategy is to merge through the station. After a certain height, we will develop it ourselves. The last one is two local governments, they try to find a technology partner, or dig a technical team and then move forward. Among them, if investing in integrated circuits, it will develop DRAM-related process technology by UMC, and the product will be 32. The nano-process niche-type DRAM, the future technology will be licensed to Jinhua, and UMC can also maintain research and development results. According to the current situation, due to different products, there are different paths for 3DNAND, niche DRAM, DRAM and NAND. And the partners are different, just like Hundred Flowers, so there are certain possibilities, but they are not sure. However, according to national strength and conditions, it is impossible to support so many memory production lines, so the future may still It will take more than 2-3 years for the results to be more clear. The immature view of the individual is due to the new core Lord, although this road may be slower, temporary technical aspects behind, but to have something of their own, its the future of the country will be supported at least in the end, it may be relatively successful and hope.