Intelligent application requirements analysis

Intelligentization is one of the main directions for the development of video surveillance in the future. Traditional video surveillance is mainly based on video forensics, and intelligent recognition is through machine vision analysis technology to conduct early warning or behavior recognition, and control crime in the bud. The main application areas of intelligent recognition include: motion detection, object tracking, face recognition, license plate recognition, illegal detention, flow of people traffic statistics and so on. At present, manufacturers of digital video analysis in China have already accumulated certain technical accumulations in intelligent analysis algorithms, and are in the stage of commercial application.
In recent years, with the development of machine vision technology, some domestic manufacturers embedded DVRs have already supported some intelligent analysis functions, and there are intelligent analysis functions on the vehicle DVR. At present, the in-vehicle DVR has added a face detection and license plate recognition intelligent module, which can analyze and process face information and license plate information through the intelligent module. In the future, other intelligent modules will be added according to the needs of customers in various industries.