DVR monitoring effect

The monitoring function is one of the most important functions of the DVR. The monitoring function is nothing more than watching the scene and seeing the scene. If necessary, there should be sound. The monitoring effect is determined mainly by the definition, the real-time degree of the picture and the display form. Generally, when the image exceeds 17 frames per second, the naked eye looks like a relatively real-time image, while the teller system and some special monitoring places require images of 25 frames per second or higher, and usually can do some quick action of the hand to observe this function. For example, fast counting, clapping, etc., can also view the time interval of two frames of images by frame-by-frame playback of video, the number of frames / second = 1 / time interval of two frames, 25 frames / second corresponds to two frames of images The time interval is 0.04 seconds.
The display format generally has 1, 4, 7, 9, 10, 16 and other screen division forms, and the screen can also be cut to full screen. The brightness, contrast, color, saturation and other parameters of each channel should be continuously adjustable. Otherwise, it is not easy to watch due to uneven light in multi-screen. This is also the advantage of digital video recorder (DVR) over ordinary screen splitter. The place. When displayed in full screen, it can accurately reflect image quality, video speed and graphics quality.