Software in an embedded DVR hard disk system

The most important application software in the embedded DVR hard disk system is of course the corresponding feature functions such as the collection, storage and distribution of compressed video and audio data, especially the implementation of some network protocols. Another important part of the system is the DVR GUI system. The weaker link between the embedded DVR and the PC-DVR is also the relative unfriendliness of the interface, so provide a better GUI system. Achieving an easy-to-use, competitive DVR product plays a key role. The MiniGUI provided by Feiman is a very good choice. Based on the MiniGUI platform, it can provide a good user interface that is easy to develop and easy to integrate.
From the power supply, ordinary hard disk recorders use 220V alternating current, the stability of voltage and current is relatively stable, and then because the ordinary hard disk recorder location environment is fixed, the relative vibration opportunities are almost no, so the ordinary hard disk recorder’s seismic function Can be ignored. But the car DVR is different. First of all, the voltage and current on the car can not be understood according to the conventional idea, the voltage on the car is 12/24V, but in fact, the 12V car can not be regulated by 12V, the same is the 24V, so the design of the power board It is important that the power board is designed with many aspects in mind.