Part of the hard disk

Magnetic head: The most precise mechanical parts in the hard disk. Due to the nature of the magnetic head, the requirements for magnetic induction sensitivity and precision are very high. The earlier magnetic heads used ferromagnetic materials, which are not ideal in magnetic induction sensitivity. Therefore, the capacity of single hard discs in the early hard disk is relatively low. If the capacity of a single disc is large, the track density on the disc is large, and the degree of head sensing is insufficient, so it cannot be accurately read. data. This caused the early hard drive capacity to be limited. With the development of technology, the magnetic head has made great progress in magnetic induction sensitivity and precision. The magnetic head is suspended on the high-speed rotating disc during operation, and the floating force comes from the airflow driven by the rotation of the disc, and the magnetic head is relatively close to the disc when working.
Disc: The storage medium for hard disk storage. The hard disk is made of a durable and durable material. The magnetic powder is attached to the surface of the aluminum alloy (new material is also useful glass) disc, and the surface is processed fairly smoothly. These magnetic powders are divided into a number of concentric circles called tracks. On each concentric track, there are countless arbitrarily arranged small magnets, which represent the states of 0 and 1, respectively. When these small magnets are affected by the magnetic force from the magnetic head, the direction in which they are arranged changes. China has still not been able to build a hard drive of its own!