What did the emergence of solid state drives bring?

As a new generation of hard drives, solid state drives (SSDs) outperform HDDs in terms of performance, size, noise, and vibration. In recent years, with the continuous development of NAND flash memory technology, SSD based on flash memory has become the darling of the market, not only has a long life span to support various application scenarios, but its price has also continued to fall back to the high cost performance recognized by the market. It can be said that the replacement of HDD by SSD is a recognized trend.
The emergence of solid-state drives (SSDs) has given American companies the opportunity to reshuffle the industry. American manufacturers will seize this opportunity and occupy their own decisive position in the SSD market. Among them, Ziguang Group invested tens of billions of dollars to start the construction of NAND FLASH (flash memory) industry, and Hangzhou Sakamoto (SageMicro) and Yueyang Amethyst have also developed localized controller chips.