Cloud storage management advantages

Cloud storage has the following management advantages:
1. The maintenance tasks of cloud storage products are all completed by the supplier. In other words, companies do not need to have a professional storage system administrator. Experienced professionals are responsible for the maintenance of cloud storage servers.
2. It is easier to expand. Today’s cloud storage users can purchase more storage space at any time.
3, there is access advantage. If an enterprise deploys a storage server itself, such as deploying a storage system for a file server or an ERP system, there may be certain obstacles in accessing it at this time. For example, when an enterprise deploys a system, it often uses the IP address of the intranet. This is due to the limitation of IP addresses and on the other hand for security reasons. Hide important devices such as storage servers inside the enterprise. But this also brought some obstacles to the visit. For example, companies now have employees on business trips. He needs to use the Internet to access files inside the company.