Analysis of the application status of storage products in the security video field

With the rapid development of the security industry, people are paying more and more attention to the storage and security of hard disk data. Compared with financial data storage, medical center data storage, Internet center business data storage and other fields, the security market is not at the forefront of all data security considerations. Many projects only require storage and basic security. It does not consider the subsequent requirements of fault recovery, data backup, etc. Once a failure occurs, it is extremely difficult to ensure data security. However, with the development of high-definition video technology and the overall cost of high-definition projects, HD applications are becoming more and more widespread, and people will certainly pay attention to the security of hard disk data.
In general, the capacity of the DVR’s own hard drive is not enough. For example, a DVR for bank teller monitoring requires a 30-day image to be stored for at least 200 hours. If an eight-way real-time DVR is used, even if the amount of image data per frame is compressed to 2K, the required hard disk capacity is at least 300GB. And it is hard to say whether the image data amount is compressed to 2K and the image quality is acceptable. Therefore, whether or not it is possible to add a hard disk to expand the storage capacity becomes an important issue. In addition, since the cost of the hard disk is still high, it is necessary to consider the cost of the subsequent additional load.