SSD advantages

The biggest advantage of SSDs is fast. In addition to continuous read and write speeds of more than 500MB/s, the data access time is extremely short, mechanical hard drives can be as fast as 14 milliseconds, and solid state drives can easily reach 0.1 milliseconds or less.
Although the stability of the SSD is not as good as that of the mechanical hard disk that has been developed for many years, the mechanical hard disk with low power consumption, no noise, vibration resistance, low heat, small size, and large operating temperature range are not available. It is also because these advantages of solid state drives are widely used in military, industrial, medical, aerospace and other fields. And there is a clear technical breakthrough for stability, such as the number of unnecessary writes reduced by the optimization algorithm. Just as the performance of SSD applications is far less than that of mechanical hard drives, but its development potential is huge, the bottleneck to solve stability and service life is only a matter of time.