Data storage and big data

In recent years, with the in-depth application of safe cities, video surveillance data has grown geometrically. The term big data is increasingly mentioned and used by security monitoring companies. For the security industry, big data is the future of security industry development. The road is the outline of intelligent security. In the era of security big data, the first thing to consider is how to store huge amounts of data before it can be correctly analyzed and retrieved. Therefore, storage has always been the subject of competition research by security companies.
Faced with massive data on security monitoring, well-known storage vendors at home and abroad have introduced hard drives and storage devices that are suitable for security monitoring applications. Western Digital, the industry’s leading provider of storage technology and solutions, is the most prominent in the industry. As the current giant in the field of security monitoring and storage, Western Digital strives to strengthen the layout of the security big data market, and join hands with partners in the security field to jointly welcome the arrival of the security big data era.