Solid state drive and flash memory market

Although prices have been falling steadily, solid-state storage is still expensive compared to ordinary hard drives, which is a major obstacle to its popularity. Another obvious obstacle is that solid-state storage implementations give the impression that the technology is still relatively insufficiency. In this way, although the SSD has begun to turn “salted fish”, the market value has gradually appeared, but there will still be bumps on the road of development. However, as users’ awareness of SSDs increases and suppliers offer more features and better prices, SSD storage is widely accepted. It seems that the solid-state storage market will increasingly penetrate into various facilities. You can wait and see.
This year, various storage vendors have turned their attention to the flash memory market. The application of flash memory is more and more extensive. U disk and memory card are the most common storage devices. As the process improves, we will slowly use cheaper and more efficient flash products, and will store more data in the same size chip. The application of solid-state storage products in the security field can first consider on-board monitoring. With the increasing demand of the market, the application of vehicle monitoring equipment is increasing. Many enterprises are producing vehicle DVRs. Because the equipment works during the vehicle movement process, the shockproof requirements for the hard disk are very high, and the flash technology is rapidly improving. The capacity of flash drives has grown very rapidly. If a flash drive is used as the storage medium for the vehicle DVR, the reliability of the device will be greatly improved and the requirements for shock resistance of the device will be reduced.