How to judge the stability of DVR

The stability of DVR can be considered mainly from two aspects: hardware structure and software program.
1. Hardware structure:
DVRs are multi-input, and the hardware can be multi-card or single-card. Sometimes in order to improve product performance, such as increasing the recording speed, multi-card mode will be adopted, but it is easy to cause conflicts between hardware. The bank teller project equipment like the above often has such problems. In general, the fewer the number of acquisition cards used, the better the integration due to the single card method, and the stability is better than the multi-card method. In addition, the heat dissipation problem of the device is also a factor to be considered.
2. Software program:
Software programs must be written and verified through long-term operation and operation. In particular, special attention should be paid to the stability of the hard disk. One of the key advantages of the DVR is that it does not need to constantly change the storage medium. It will constantly refresh the hard disk, clear the expired data, and save the latest data. However, some DVRs often have problems in this process, and this is often The most difficult for developers and users to ignore. Therefore, choosing the products that are widely used and well-reported by users may be the easiest way.