Hybrid DVR four major purchase points

First, first of all, the selection of hybrid DVR should meet the camera access and related forwarding capabilities. It is necessary to know that HD network video occupies more network broadband occupation. In practical applications, hybrid hard disk The network output of the recorder is not only the size of one channel per channel, but also has more requirements for the bandwidth. In the purchase of hybrid DVRs, not only the access capability of the camera but also the hybrid type is considered. The network throughput of the DVR.
The second point is that in practical applications, most of the applications in the project will be connected to multi-brand cameras. At this time, the hybrid DVR must be fully prepared for the compatibility of various brands. There are many factors to consider.
The third point is that with the rapid upgrade and development of various security products, more cameras and hybrid DVRs have been fully developed, but due to the lack of uniform standards in the industry, the development has been reduced because of the relevant positioning of the manufacturers. The performance is not clear enough, resulting in a variety of hybrid DVR products, so the necessary exploration of the management capabilities of the front part of the network.
The fourth point is that attention should be paid to the high-definition application capability of video. The requirement of video clarity has always been a matter of consideration. Hybrid DVRs must have better HD capabilities and pass the overall HD video capabilities. The necessary exploration is the primary key.