Monitor the low power design of the storage system

Behind the deployment of high-definition mass storage is bound to be a large amount of energy consumption and high cost of use. From the perspective of energy conservation and environmental protection, the low-power design of large-scale monitoring and storage systems is bound to be one of the key points. The cloud storage system adopts a distributed and scalable system structure, and uses an ultra-low-power storage server to centralize power supply and centralize heat dissipation, which can optimize the system’s ultra-high density and ultra-low power consumption. The storage load is shared by multiple servers in the storage cloud, and the location server is used to locate the storage information, thereby improving the reliability, availability, and access efficiency of the system.
Cloud technology will bring a new technological change to the video surveillance system from the aspects of information processing, storage and release, and provide a solid technical foundation for building a new video surveillance system with energy conservation and environmental protection.