Professional disk array features

Professional disk arrays have the following signature features:
(1) Modular design, including cooling system, power supply system, data processing core system;
(2) The controller architecture can provide redundant controller configuration;
(3) Disaster recovery technologies such as snapshots, volume mirroring, and remote replication;
(4) Using independent hardware chips to solve the raid operation problem;
(5) Using high-performance cache technology, with cache mirroring.
From the perspective of the development of the entire industry, the choice of high-reliability and stable storage devices is a problem that every solution user and every solution designer must consider. It is also a success or failure of a solution. The key factor. Professional disk array manufacturers’ general business focus is not in the security market, and the understanding of security is not deep enough, so it is unlikely to directly enter the single-handedly; second is the price dilemma. In the security market, the budget is still relatively tight, and most of them have to be invested in the front-end construction, and the lack of attention to data security has led to a serious shortage of storage equipment procurement budgets, and it is impossible to purchase high-end professional products.