Disk array manufacturers cut into the security market

Professional disk array manufacturers will encounter difficulties in cutting into the security market. The first is the unfamiliarity of industry applications. If you only sell equipment separately, I think it is not very attractive to customers. The professional business of professional disk array manufacturers is not in the security market. The understanding of security is not deep enough, so it is unlikely that they will directly enter the market. Second, the price dilemma. In the security market, the budget is still relatively tight, and most of them have to be invested in the front-end construction, and the lack of attention to data security has led to a serious shortage of storage equipment procurement budgets, and it is impossible to purchase high-end professional products. Therefore, it is foreseeable that, from now on, the probability of frequent occurrence of medium and high-end professional storage brands in security monitoring projects is not large.
Professional disk array products guarantee the security of stored data in many ways. First of all, it must be a device with no single point of failure. It must be a device with no internal cable connection. It must be a modular design device, so that the hardware is guaranteed to be stable and reliable. Secondly, it must implement internal data channel multi-path switching and load balancing. It must support external data channel multi-path switching and link aggregation functions. It must support advanced backup functions such as snapshot, volume mirroring, data migration, and remote replication. Software features can be used to protect user data from high availability.