Car-specific hard disk recorder

Dahua DH-DVR0X04MF series car-mounted DVR is a product of Dahua’s independent research and development of high-end car video surveillance management. It integrates image processing technology, wireless network technology, GPS technology, hard disk storage technology, structural technology and automobile information collection and processing technology. The sturdy aluminum alloy housing can be built with two hard drives. It can be extended with built-in 3G wireless transmission module and GPS positioning module or other function modules to provide up to 8 channels of surveillance video. Placed in the car, Dahua DH-DVR0X04MF can realize local audio and video storage and on-board information collection, and can transmit the implementation video and vehicle information to the remote management center through wireless network to form a real-time remote wireless monitoring and management system. The products can be widely used in the field of automobile safety monitoring such as long-distance passenger transportation, urban public transportation, public security system, road inspection, logistics industry and dangerous goods transportation.