Video surveillance for storage needs

Ordinary DVR uses 220V alternating current, the stability of voltage and current is relatively stable, and then because the position of ordinary DVR is fixed, there is almost no relative vibration opportunity, so the anti-seismic function of ordinary DVR can be neglected. But the car DVR is different. First of all, the voltage and current on the car can not be understood according to the conventional idea, the voltage on the car is 12/24V, but in fact, the 12V car can not be regulated by 12V, the same is the 24V, so the design of the power board It is important that the power board is designed with many aspects in mind.
Video surveillance has several characteristics for storage requirements:
????1. The storage capacity demand elasticity is relatively large, and the storage capacity will increase the capacity requirement as the picture quality increases, the screen size increases, and the video line increases.
????2. The performance requirements for storage are not high, but it is necessary to be able to satisfy long-term continuous data reading and writing, and the data traffic is large but the number of access requests is low.
????3. The data storage period is short, and the general monitoring site data can be deleted after a certain period of time (such as 1 month). To choose the right storage device for your video surveillance solution, you first need to estimate your storage capacity needs.