How to choose a hard disk in the field of HD monitoring

When we purchase HD monitoring equipment, whether it is a hybrid DVR or a network NVR, we must use a storage hard disk for high-definition surveillance video carrier. At this time, we often ignore the choice of hard disk, and think that as long as the capacity meets the requirements, it can be In the field of high-definition surveillance, in addition to large capacity, hard disk applications have excellent stability and dedicated functions. Blind selection will only cause unnecessary trouble. In a mature monitoring system, once the possibility of a problem is from the hard disk, and the solution is difficult, for the seller, after the hard disk in the monitoring system has more problems, the service cost will increase, and the profit will be obtained. It will be reduced, and for our buyer, if the hard disk is more faulty, the risk of data loss increases, the system becomes unsafe, and the monitoring system does not play its proper role.