The reason for the high price of embedded DVR

The reason why the price of the embedded DVR is high is mainly because the technical content is higher than that of the PC, and the initial cost of the input is large, and the enterprise that can intervene is difficult and less than the PC type. The reason why this is also caused by another high price is that because of the small number of companies involved, the transparency and competition of the hardware prices used are not high enough.
The reason for the low price of PC-type DVRs is mainly due to the fierce competition and high transparency of their hardware devices. Many of them are assembled by system integrators or contractors, saving a lot of brand expenses and other extra expenses. Another very important reason is that Windows (except for the Linux operating system, which can be bought for $50 and free) is pirated, but the advantage of this Windows DVR is now with Microsoft in combating piracy. The action is slowly being lost.