Computer add memory stick, what should you pay attention to?

The current importance of computers has been relegated to mobile phones, but for game parties, computer games are still more exciting and enjoyable, because the computer screen is large, and the use of physical keyboards gives people a presence. The feeling of its situation. Adding a memory stick to a computer is a routine operation of many game parties. They naturally know how to add it to make the computer faster and more stable. The organic friend asks, is the 4+8 dual channel feasible? In fact, you only need to pay attention to it.
First of all, the specifications of the memory stick must be the same. For example, if you want to use the second-generation ddr2 667, the other one must be 667, but many machine friends say that 667 and 800 can be put together. No, if you use 2G ddr2 667 and 2G ddr2 800 form a dual channel, for a good compatibility motherboard is able to run, the efficiency is also very good, but for the second and third line of the old motherboard is not so lucky, may appear when running large programs There will be a crash. So no matter what kind of memory you want to add, it’s best to keep the same frequency as your original memory. The same batch is the best combination.
Secondly, in the choice of memory brand, you also need to use some brains. If you have a regular channel to buy, it is best, because many brands have the same memory specifications as your computer, but the brands are different and the effect is complete. Different, especially some brands with more serious fakes, although famous, but sometimes can not buy genuine, it is not as fast as some third-line brands; another point is that many second-hand memory has been refurbished, maybe You bought the same brand of goods as your own computer, but when there is an unstable crash, it means that the memory may have been repaired.

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