Summary of video recording technology on DVR

Video recording technology In the DVR, the recording function is connected with many other functions, such as playback function, network function, backup function, etc. Therefore, what kind of recording technology is used is directly related to the function of the entire DVR and the failure rate of the hard disk. Video recording technology is divided into two aspects: 1) What kind of file system is used, which is usually related to the operating system used, and it is not easy to choose independently; 2) How to apply the system to the advantage of the file system under the premise of the selected file system While avoiding its weaknesses, it affects the entire system.
At present, PC-type DVRs are generally based on Windows systems, and the file system is generally NTFS or FAT32; the file system used by the embedded DVR has a close relationship with the embedded control system selected by the manufacturer. At present, embedded operating systems used in embedded DVRs include pSOS, Embedded Linux, vxWorks, etc., and the file systems used are more types, such as MS-DOS compatible file systems, UNIX compatible file systems, and Windows compatible file systems. There are also various proprietary file systems and so on. Which file system is selected as the file system in the embedded DVR depends on many factors, such as the company’s research and development capabilities, financial resources, and the characteristics of the file system itself. It should be said that the choice of any file system will not hinder the implementation of the recording function in the embedded DVR. Some companies even organize their own file systems to meet their needs. Of course, we do not agree with this, because it may take a long time to extend the time to market. In addition, this approach is not in line with modern society. The trend of division of labor is becoming more and more detailed and more professional, and it is difficult to be as reliable as the file system introduced by professional software vendors.

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