Redesigning the storage system for SSDs

In order to take advantage of the performance advantages of SSD storage technology, traditional providers have to design new, smaller products, or redesign storage systems for SSDs. At this time, a challenge is faced. The components required to maximize the performance of the SSD are too much and unnecessary for the mechanical drive. Users can choose a SSD with maximum performance and a high-cost mechanical drive, or a low-performance SSD with an inexpensive mechanical hard drive. In contrast, providers focused on SSD storage have introduced custom storage arrays or applications based on optimized I/O on SSD storage. The architectural limitations of any traditional storage platform will not limit the SSD system, so end users will see a significant increase in the performance of this SSD platform. If they add support for mechanical drives, SSD providers may encounter the same issues we mentioned above. Conversely, manufacturers focused on SSDs will focus on data sets that benefit from SSD performance and work with traditional mechanical drives in storage solutions.