Embedded DVR for use in bank projects

Embedded DVR is used in bank projects, mainly to achieve analog signal access, compression, storage and network upload of analog signals; according to system requirements, different types of equipment are selected to provide different degrees of compression; provide double code Stream support, that is, video resolution and network transmission resolution are separated, and each is independently set; the system locally supports multiple recording modes such as manual recording, timer recording, motion detection recording, and alarm recording. According to the needs of the monitoring site, the recording mode can be flexibly set. When monitoring the ATM cash machine, the motion detection recording is used, and the video is recorded only when the monitoring screen changes, so as to make full use of the limited hard disk space. For the counter, the recording mode is set according to the time period, the timed recording is selected during the business hours, and the motion detection or other recording mode is used during the rest period. The arming and disarming settings are made to control and process the alarm information. DVRs are placed at each branch office and business outlets to achieve local monitoring and monitoring and processing of monitoring points in the jurisdiction. Monitoring data can be uploaded and downloaded over the network. The DVR network is powerful and supports a full range of TCP/IP protocol suites.