Recent developments in DVRs

DVR is a video surveillance device that has gradually developed in recent years with the development of computer technology. In the security industry, tape-based long-delay video recorders are commonly used in traditional video surveillance projects. These video recorders use tape as a carrier for storing video data. Video data is stored in an analog manner. After repeated copying of the video signal, the signal attenuation is severe. Video tapes take up a lot of storage space, and maintenance and data retrieval are troublesome. With the development of computer technology, hardware and software technology updates provide new ideas for the storage of video data.
Domestic DVR products are mainly made in China, PC-type DVR technology is mature, but there are no brand products, more are users or engineers to assemble themselves, and the entry threshold of embedded DVR is higher, mainly Brand-based. PC-type DVR can be subdivided into two types: acquisition card (also known as soft pressure card) and compression card (also known as hard pressure card). Due to technical factors, embedded DVRs are still dominated by products with less than 16 channels of video input, and embedded products higher than 16 channels are rare.

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