The car DVR can be customized for a variety of functions

Car DVR can be customized for various functions according to different industry application requirements.
Customized function analysis of passenger operation industry: In addition to the simple vehicle video surveillance function, the passenger operation industry needs wireless network video surveillance (to understand the real-time situation inside and outside the vehicle), GPS satellite positioning, vehicle scheduling, vehicle voice announcement station, Vehicle driving information record, multimedia entertainment advertising and other functions.
Police vehicle customization function analysis: The main functions of the public security industry on the car DVR are: video surveillance, wireless network transmission, and pan/tilt control. The traffic police pay more attention to how to carry out illegal evidence collection. The main needs are: license plate recognition, blacklist comparison and so on. Industries such as urban management and transportation management also have similar needs to traffic police.
Financial industry custom function analysis: The financial industry’s money-carrying vehicles require the car DVR to work stably and reliably, and can upload video and alarm information to the management center platform in real time in the event of an emergency, and can interact with the monitoring center platform.