Hard disk motor system

All 3.5-inch hard drives contain two motor systems (spindle motor and magnetic arm motor), so when the hard disk is powered up, it is similar to the case where the motor is powered on: it will have a large start at the initial time of power-on. Current to complete the hard drive boot. If the external power supply system of the hard disk does not guarantee sufficient current support when the power is turned on, the hard disk will fail to boot, resulting in the hard disk being unavailable. And if this happens many times, it is easy to cause damage to the hard disk.
Since the power supply of the hard disk motor is satisfied by the external power supply system DC 12V, the DC current of 12V is used as the standard when evaluating the starting current of the hard disk. The startup current of a normal PC hard disk is generally between 2.8A and 3.2A. The SDVR dedicated hard disk has a startup current of up to 2.0A.