Monitoring storage has always been the world of disk

Since SSDs are not suitable for frequent erasing and are costly, monitoring storage has always been the world of disk. Toshiba also built its own line of surveillance hard drives. Among them are audio-visual streaming hard drives and surveillance hard drives. The audio-visual streaming hard drives have a capacity of up to 3TB and an average trouble-free running time of up to 800,000 hours. They are suitable for 1-4 bay configurations. Its latest surveillance hard drive products can support at least 32 high-definition cameras running 24×7 per day. In addition, the monitor hard drive is also equipped with a rotating vibration (RV) sensor, especially suitable for RAID and multi-drive monitoring platforms. .
The monitoring hard drive has now made a very rapid development as an important branch of the hard drive, making the entire monitoring system more efficient. On the other hand, from the perspective of the development of the entire industry, the rise of concepts such as safe city and smart transportation has further contributed to the monitoring of the hard disk market.