What do you need to ensure that the car DVR works properly?

In order to ensure the normal operation of the car DVR, first ensure that the output power of the power board is stable. In a fixed narrow voltage environment, since the input voltage and current are basically stable, and in terms of electrical power, the output power determines the input power, so the power supply of the ordinary hard disk recorder only needs one adapter, and one adapter is nothing more than a transformer plus A filter circuit, a little conscience plus a protection circuit, no conscience protection circuit is not installed, cheap, so the average DVR cost and maintenance costs are relatively low. Secondly, from the perspective of seismic capacity, ordinary DVRs are not strict because of the fixed location environment, and the anti-seismic requirements of car DVRs are very important. The car is mainly based on low-frequency vibration, most cars are 20HZ. – 40HZ vibration is the main, the anti-shock treatment will cause the car DVR to crash, restart, the hard disk does not work, lost video segments and other issues.