The role of solid state drive technology

The use of SSD technology provides a flexible and efficient storage solution for surveillance systems that must be reliably and uninterrupted, withstand harsh environments and require minimal maintenance and service. High-capacity hard drives offer the highest cost efficiency and can store thousands of hours of video capacity without the need to rewrite or unload recorded content. The solid state can withstand harsh operating environments, such as shocks, vibrations, or high temperatures that are unavoidable in transportation environments such as cars, trains, subways, and ships.

The intelligent hard disk can receive commands sent by the host and efficiently manage the data in the solid state and hard disk storage components to reduce the resource requirements in the host. In order to protect data, such as solid-state components with errors or termination conditions, data will be transferred from the solid-state components to the hard disk. In the case of extreme temperatures and shocks, and outside the technical threshold of the hard disk, the content will be temporarily stored in the solid state component. In addition, critical recording data can be stored repeatedly on solid-state components and hard drives to ensure data recovery in the event of a system failure.