High performance requirements for storage in the data center

The key applications of OLTP and OLAP in the data center have very high performance requirements for storage. The main feature is a large number of random read/write IOs. Take the business transaction system as an example, not only will there be a large amount of business data input, but also There are a large number of random query requests. Simply put, to meet the needs of critical business, storage must have the advantages of high IOPS, low latency, and high bandwidth.
From the hard disk level, SSD is undoubtedly a high-performance representative. Because there is no seek delay, the current mainstream SSD IOPS can exceed two orders of magnitude of disk, and the performance of PCIe flash card can reach more than 200,000 IOPS. Performance, but because SSD still has a higher cost, if the amount of data is large, it needs 10k and 15k speed disks to complement the capacity.