What should I do if the hard disk fails?

According to incomplete statistics, the embedded hard disk video recorder (SDVR) has about 60% of the problems coming from the hard disk. The data generated by the new technology development video data grows geometrically, and the data lost by the hard disk is very tricky. At the same time, every time the hard disk has a problem, the engineering company must provide on-site service. Obviously, the on-site service will bring about an increase in service cost, and at the same time, it is also a brand image loss to the engineering company.

For the engineering company, when you install a hard disk with fewer problems, your profit will increase, your service cost will decrease, and your project will make your customers feel more at ease. Engineers no longer have to worry about frequent door-to-door service due to problems with hard drives, which has led to a sharp increase in service costs and even a loss in the entire project. For the end user, if the hard disk failure is less, the risk of data loss is reduced, the system is more secure, and the monitoring system really plays its due role. They are mainly for the SDVR system users in the security and defense industry or the special users (Internet cafes, KTVs) that need to run continuously, providing highly reliable and customized mass storage products, which makes it easier for users to store and manage their own surveillance videos. TV shows, videos, photos and documents.