Advantages of embedded DVR

All parts of the embedded DVR are integrated on one motherboard, which is better for adapting to harsh environments such as earthquakes and dust. The software is mainly embodied in the complete integration of the system and the DVR monitoring system. It is susceptible to a number of additional factors, such as the operating system’s own instability and redundant side effects.
Due to the high degree of integration of embedded, the professional quality of maintenance personnel is quite high. This is too small for the current national conditions in the United States. If a problem is basically sent back to the manufacturer for repair, its maintenance cost. It is conceivable, especially after the warranty period. And this process is less than a week, and more than a month or two, which causes serious internal dislike for the customer to use and the next purchase, and also brings a lot of trouble to the many engineering companies, even the loss of customers; from the software In general, embedded software is basically maintenance-free, and its software maintenance costs are much lower than those based on Windows and Linux operating systems.