Introduction to monitoring the hard disk

SkyHawk is the industry’s first 10TB SkyHawk surveillance hard drive. Based on the large-scale storage solution NVR monitoring system design, the use of rotating vibration sensor, greatly reducing the read and write error rate, ImagePerfect (Perfect Image) technology for surveillance applications can support higher resolution surveillance cameras. SkyHawk is ideal for today’s mainstream, all-weather HD DVR and NVR surveillance storage systems, with data recovery service options to protect data security.

The IronWolf 10TB NAS drive combines the ruggedness of steel, the superior performance for NAS, and a range of demanding performances designed to run around the clock, with durability, instant availability and scalability. IronWolf is equipped with AgileArray, which further optimizes NAS applications and features drive balancing. It is the first hard disk with a rotary vibration sensor to reduce vibration in a multi-drive environment. The drive also optimizes RAID, with error recovery control, and advanced power management for NAS energy savings, enabling power to be optimally distributed at optimal times and areas. One of IronWolf’s superior features is its multi-user technology, which provides an average annual workload rate of 180TB.