Monitoring product

To meet the ever-changing requirements of monitoring data, 2tbexternalharddrives has also introduced a corresponding series of products. For example, the MD06ABA-V series, which is used in centralized surveillance video analysis, offers a wide range of capacity options and outstanding performance up to 10TB. It is ideal for storing and retaining surveillance content and can be used to store high resolution for camera recording. Rate content and retain monitoring data sets for longer periods of time. The Toshiba MD04ABA-V Series for Public Safety NVRs delivers powerful, monitored hard drives with outstanding capacity, reliability and scalability designed for demanding 24/7 uninterrupted surveillance environments. In the application of DVR, 2tbexternalharddrives DT01ABA-V series storage capacity of up to 3TB, is ideal for applications that focus on large space, low power consumption, low noise.